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A modern take on financial advice, this website was designed to highlight the lifestyle opportunity and the importance of saving for the future and retirement. 

Helping you plan for the future.

The website’s design revolved around sailing and the sea, popular locations for vacations and retirement. The deliberate design decision aimed to shift focus away from the overwhelming aspects of financial planning and pension savings, instead emphasizing the ultimate objective and lifestyle that result from financial planning and retirement savings.

Design Goal

Financial Advice - The Design Process


Business Goal

Traditional financial advisors’ websites typically emphasize finances and business expertise. The content often revolves around money, investments, and features images of business people shaking hands. However, an important aspect of financial advisory is the personal side: planning for personal pensions, ensuring the well-being of loved ones, and making decisions about family care or major purchases. Financial advisors must strike a delicate balance between being perceived as money-focused or as trustworthy partners who can effectively manage their client’s finances.


Design Objective

The aim was to create a design that offers a contemporary take on financial advice, departing from conventional business-focused content and instead focusing on lifestyle and building relationships. The objective is to motivate potential customers by showcasing the possibilities and benefits of investments and pension savings, aiming for a less overwhelming experience that can come from financial planning.



We chose a contemporary design that centers around the sea and sailing, reflecting a lifestyle-oriented approach. This design concept is particularly fitting for popular vacation and retirement spots. Additionally, we aimed for a lighter color palette to create a relaxed atmosphere, incorporating the color blue, which is commonly associated with trust and financial services.

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