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The focus of this design and branding project was to cultivate a luxurious and stylish appearance for the website. Our aim was to craft a visually stunning photography that exudes a feeling of luxury and high fashion. We also chose a highly contemporary and interactive design approach. The primary objective was to spotlight the salon’s upscale fashion-oriented experience while conveying a strong sense of femininity and creativity.

Design Goal

The Design Process



In the world of haute couture and high-end fashion, every detail matters. We sought to create a website and brand that exudes the glamour, luxury, and sophistication synonymous with runway models and influential fashion icons. The objective was to captivate an audience and we used photography of models and influencers in order to appeal to fashion-forward individuals seeking a cutting-edge hair experience and styling.


Design Objective

The primary goal of this website design project was to establish an online space that embodies the essence of high fashion, luxury, and aspiration. The focus was on creating a visually striking and contemporary environment that instantly resonates with fashion enthusiasts.



High-Fashion Design Theme: The website underwent a transformation with a design theme reminiscent of the pages of Vogue and high-fashion magazines. The aesthetics were opulent, with an emphasis on capturing the essence of runway beauty.

Fashion and Catwalk Models: The website featured captivating imagery of fashion and catwalk models, photographed by professional photographers. These visuals conveyed the salon’s commitment to runway-worthy hair styling.

Moody and Luxurious Aesthetics: The design exuded a moody and luxurious ambiance, with a dark color palette and elegant typography. This visual approach created an atmosphere of indulgence and sophistication.

Typography: Cool cursive fonts were employed as accent fonts, adding an element of elegance, while bold fonts served as headers to create a striking visual hierarchy.


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