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In the beauty industry, particularly nail salons, staying current is paramount. Beauty and nail salons often need to capture the attention of fashion-conscious individuals and create a digital space that is trendy and cool. The objective was to position the nail salon as a go-to destination for modern, fashionable, and playful nail art experiences.

Design Goal

The Design Process



The primary objective of this website design project was to craft an online platform that resonates deeply with the target audience—stylish and trendy individuals seeking a fashionable nail experience. The focus was on creating a design that not only captures the salon’s modern and feminine vibe but also reflects the latest nail trends.


Design Objective

The main goal of the design is to maintain a playful and youthful atmosphere. We intended to incorporate feminine elements by using a pastel colour scheme and adding hot pink accents. Additionally, we aimed to create a bright and fashionable design scheme, which led us to frequently use photos featuring sunny settings, trendy models, and stylish nail art.



Playful: The design was meticulously crafted to radiate a youthful spirit. Playful animations, vibrant colors, and modern typography were strategically employed to resonate with the preferences of a younger clientele.


Pastel Palette with Hot Pink Accents: The color palette was composed of soft pastels complemented by striking hot pink accents. This combination evoked femininity, style, and contemporary flair.


Nail Art and Model Imagery: High-quality images showcasing intricate nail art and models with stylish manicures took center stage. The use of these visuals aimed to inspire potential customers while showcasing the salon’s expertise.


Sunny and Summery Imagery: The incorporation of sunny or summery settings in the visuals reinforced the idea of a lively and vibrant experience, encouraging visitors to imagine themselves indulging in fashionable nail treatments.


Target Audience Engagement: The design’s fashion-forward and youthful appeal effectively engaged the salon’s target audience, resonating with their preferences and lifestyle.


Brand Identity: The website’s modern and vibrant design emphasized the nail salon’s brand identity, positioning them as a trendy and stylish destination for nail art.

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