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How To Set Up Webinar Meeting in 2023?

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Webinars are a remarkable way to address many participants, employees, students, colleagues, and collaborators. You can build communication, convey a message, discuss a project or commercialize a product.

Webinars have entirely replaced the physical world seminars, and why wouldn’t they? Webinars are so much more convenient than the workshops for which you would have needed a vast hall, make sitting arrangements,

Get ready, travel to the particular location, and then conduct seminars.

On the other hand, you don’t need a hall for webinars, no sitting arrangements, no traveling, you just need a laptop or computer, a stable internet connection, and you are done. It’s so practical for both the organizer and the attendees.

Anyone can attend it from anywhere, with no traveling expense or anything. The plus point of a webinar is that you can record it and then send it to the ones who have missed the webinar or to a different audience or keep it as a reference.

Webinars offer you a great arena to promote a particular product and make an impression about that product in the eyes of your target audience.

You can acquaint all of your employees at once via webinars, a lot better than training them individually and expending plenty of your time.

Webinars let you keep a record of who is attending your webinar, which gives you an approximate number of people who might be interested in what you are talking about.

There’s an option of writing in the chatbox on various webinar organizing platforms, and it can be beneficial for those who feel embarrassed to talk or raise a question verbally.

Now, the essential question is, how to organize a webinar? If you have never conducted a webinar, it could be the most critical concern for you, but as you know, every concern comes with its solution.

So How to organize a webinar?

Choose your team

For hosting a successful webinar, you need to split up the role or function. Assign a particular function to a specific person you think is the best fit. Do not overburden yourself or anyone by assigning all the work to just an individual.

The three fundamental positions for organizing a webinar are an Organiser, a presenter, and an assistant.


Webinar organizer is an individual who organizes the whole virtual event. They set up the time limit of a webinar, the time duration for the Q&A session, the topic to discuss, and which points to include.

They are responsible for coming up with a systematic plan to organize a successful webinar. They are the ones who approach the guest speakers and convince them to be a part of their webinar. They decide the speech duration of each speaker and every other thing. The functionality of an organizer is the same as that of a wedding planner. A wedding planner does everything concerning the wedding, and an organizer does the same.


Webinar presenter is someone who presents the whole PowerPoint presentation or whole video. A presenter is there on the screen and tries to explain everything and attempts to convey most of their content.

A presenter can make a webinar boring or interesting based on their way of expressing the topic. Before attending any webinar, the possible attendees inspect everything about the presenter and make sure that the presenter is well qualified to talk about the concerned topic.

They should be encouraging and engaging enough.  They should share some real-life events so that the audience could connect better.

A great presenter is someone who always remains calm and composed during a webinar, getting nervous and letting others observe is the worst a presenter can do. A presenter should be confident and well-informed to answer every question put up by the audience.

The minute a presenter fumbles in answering a question, the webinar loses a lot of potential audiences.


An assistant is someone who takes care of all the technical issues of a webinar. An assistant is practically a moderator. A webinar needs an assistant to make certain that the presenter focuses only on content and that all other tasks are handled by an assistant.

An assistant clarifies all the doubts of first-time webinar attendees regarding the operation of webinar software. They help them with logins, participation, and other technicalities.

An assistant sieves questions in the Q&A session so that the webinar time does not get extended because of duplicate or random questions. An assistant adds professionalism to a webinar by dealing with all the technical issues and stepping in several works.

After choosing your team, the next step is to select from the different webinar setups.

Let’s see what it means.

Decide the webinar format

The next step in organizing a prosperous webinar is to select a proper format for your webinar. Assign the one that suits you the best.

  • Single speaker

In this webinar format, you will have only one speaker who will converge to all the audiences. It’s so much like a classroom, where a teacher delivers the content, and a class full of students is there to attend that lecture.

A single orator will answer all the queries implored by every student. This format is suitable when you have a lesser number of attendees, as managing a bigger audience single-handedly could be troublesome for a speaker.

It will take a lot of time to answer all of their queries.

  • Interview format

This format is more or less similar to an interview hall where the interviewer, here the speaker, asks the attendees to assess their mastery and personality to be hired for various posts or positions. Attendees are allowed to ask doubts from the speaker as well.

  • Moderated panel discussion

This format is exactly like the panel discussion room where several attendees discuss the same theme or speak about the same, and that topic has been defined before the commencement of that webinar.

  • Q&A format

In this layout of the webinar, attendees ask their queries from the speaker though, it’s better to take their queries before the webinar to avoid complications.

What do you need to run a webinar? 

For a great webinar experience, you need some equipment that can contribute to a better experience. Let’s explore some of them.


What can be more frustrating than attending a webinar in which the speaker does not have proper audio quality, right? So, don’t let your attendees feel the same way. For better audio quality, buy a good microphone that can cancel echoes and make your audio clear.

There is a good range of microphones available at different prices. So, select any one from them according to your needs.


Earpieces are equally crucial for a webinar. If you want to be a good orator, you need to be a good listener first, and for that, you certainly need an earpiece that can offer you a good service and keeps your hand free.


A good lighting source can make your visuals clearer in a webinar, and it also shows your professionalism.

  • Green screen

If you don’t have a great office space, you can use a Green screen for having any background you want.

  • Virtual background

For a good background, you need virtual background along with the green screen. The virtual background is software that projects various backgrounds on the green screen; without this software, the green screen is futile.

  • Webcam

When you have both a good microphone and an earpiece so that you could speak and hear properly, the next thing you want is an HD camera so that you can be visible suitably.

  • Portable cart

Delivering a speech or presenting a webinar looks more competent if you direct it while standing on a stand-up desk and what could be better than a moving standup desk? It can make your work a lot easier and more manageable.

You can just purchase a portable cart or portable stand-up desk and present your webinar effortlessly.

  • Desktop or Laptop

A desktop or laptop with a stable internet connection is a must for a webinar. You cannot even imagine presenting or attending a webinar with them.

If you are guessing that you can do it on your phone, you might be wrong as the phone does not allow all the features of a webinar, and you can have a terrible experience of a webinar.

  • A Good Webinar Platform

You need a platform where you can organize or conduct your webinar. Webinar platforms like WebinarJam are the best among all. It offers you all the features and facilities that could assist you in hosting a webinar.

Conclusion | How To Set Up Webinar Meeting 2023

It takes days to organize an effective webinar that has a substantial amount of attendees and can have a great impact. A good webinar platform is a requisite, as it is the niche where you will be hosting your webinar.

So, the productivity of your webinar immensely relies on the tools and features of a webinar platform. If it’s offering you all the features which can facilitate you, your webinar will be effective but if not, then you might face some disappointment.

Webinar platforms like WebinarJam can deliver you all that you want at a very reasonable price. So, why not expend a little to gain a lot more.

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